Resources & Infrastructure

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Research & Development

We have set up a cutting-edge R&D Division to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve, and our technology is at par with the world. Our R&D division constantly investigates new ways of developing new products and solutions as well as improving our existing products and solutions. Our R&D Labs focus on new product development as well as stringent quality testing of existing technologies.

Granulation development lab is well epuipped lab for new product development and evaluation of product application capabilities. Equipment includes pilot scale fluid bed granulator and instrumented tablet press with data acquisition. Physical testing equipment for powders, granules and tablets.

Our R&D lab has capability to develop modified release solid dosage forms. It has ability to develop drugs with poor solubility to enhance solubility and bioavailability.

Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facilities meet the stringent GMP norms. WHO-GMP certified facility is compliant with international quality standards and functioning. The products are quality tested at every stage, right from manufacturing to packaging, producing excellence and effectiveness.

We have notable installed capacities for producing all kind of Tablets, Capsules, Liquid-orals, Externals and Injectables. Department wise installed capacities can be enhanced furthermore as needed, because of suitable specifications for the same are already made right from commencement.

We have worth-reckon and rigid quality assurance laboratories for testing of all raw materials, packing materials, in-process materials and finished products. Our QA Labs consists of chemical testing labs, instrumental testing labs, microbiological testing labs, physical and final testing labs.

Our R & D department is well coordinated scientifically for developing the quality products at its best. We keep our products upgraded from time to time so that products are acknowledged by the ultimate consumers and they are benefited in their treatment fields as desired.
Advanced, sophisticated machineries and instruments.
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and laboratories.
Pharmaceutical Software to deal with day-to-day activities.
Competent corporate team to support and focus on key functions.
Controlled computerized systems.

Packaging & Labeling

Aclire Pharmaceutical’s quality sentience expands to cover the packaging of every product, to maintain the safety, stability and integrity of our products. Packaging materials and processes conform to meet international standards. We also customize the packaging as per the requirements of the importing country. Different areas are occupied for different types of packaging, with aluminum and PVC foils stored at the optimum temperature. Ideal packaging is complemented by a sophisticate, modern look and executed at top-of-the-line printing presses. Packaging and labeling are continuously analyzed to enhance aesthetics and clarity.

The facets of packaging to be considered include:
  • The functions of packaging.
  • The selection of a packaging material.
  • The testing of the material selected.
  • Filling and assembling.
  • Sterilization.
  • Storage and Stability.
Types of raw materials used in packaging
Type of Materials
Used In
Cardboard Boxes, Display Units
Paper Labels, Leaflets
Glass Ampoules, Bottles, Vials, Syringes, Cartridges
Plastic Closures, Bottles, Bags, Tubes, Laminates with paper or foil
Metal e.g. Aluminium Blisters, Alu Alu packing, Collapsible tubes, Rigid cans, Foils, Pressurised containers
Rubber Closures (including plungers)